Welcome to a Craftsmen's Jaega, "Wallow Gleam"

Craftsman Ayub Kaka @ original tiny workshop

We, Wallow Gleam who is manufacturing leather items in Dhaka, Bangladesh as a partner of Jillanie, are making Craftsmen's Jaega(meaning "Place" in Bengali) as a center of craftsmen. We are not labor or people who work for making money to survive lives, but we are here for our dreams, missions, or visions with proud of making something we feel great and love with everyone for everyone who uses and involves in.

Here is Fairness. Here is Craftsmanship. Here, There, Everywhere.


+88-019-8727-8901 (For Bengali / English)

+88-017-3071-6246 (For Japanese)

3 fields we are in

OEM with Craftsmanship

We'd love to collaborate with your brand in small lot handmade items with Japan Standard and Craftsmanship pride.

Consignment Sales to Shops

Our Jillanie products are loved to be displayed in your branded shops in Dhaka.

Wholesales in Overseas

We prepare Jillanie Brand's Products for You from small lot.

フェアメンバーに登録すると、Jillanieの想いや哲学を綴った冊子や、世界をフェアにする仲間の証"クラフトマン Keyring"のお取り寄せ、​バックパックをご自宅で手に取って試せる "Home Try On 体験" ができます。



あなたのお店やブランドのための卸仕入、委託仕入、OEM生産を、バングラデシュの革職人工房 Wallow Gleamの日本法人WGJが​承ります​




目標8 - 働きがいも経済成長も

目標10 - 人や国の不平等をなくそう





何年も使っていくごとに、革が自分自身にフィットしてくる、自分オリジナルの味が出てくる。愛着が湧く。My Only Backpack & Items