BLOG · 2019/10/24
Our 2nd event in Shinnagata kobe , was very much successful, from 1st event we sell a lot in this event ,, people who passed by really surprised by seeing our product which is so inexpensive and quality full product , they are sooo much happy after buying 1 bag (1 customer was saying i was looking for this bag but in other places its very expensive. Finaly she bought 4 bags at a time) ... in fact Jillanie also happy to share the profit to the desired craftsmen faruk and his team .

BLOG · 2019/10/17
On 2019 13th October Jillanie joined creators Market kiito kobe Japan ... Very First time officialy enrolled in event and proudly sell the product and transfer our Making story as much as possible to Japanese clients.

BLOG · 2019/08/06
"Jjllanies" New 2000 sq ft Buffalo leather almost done to receive delivery on our workshop Dhaka Bangladesh this month-end, Next production start for Open shop in Japan Kobe Hopefully September to August. Now we are looking for our desired shop around Sannomiya, Motomachi, Otsunakadori Beside areas. Thank you.

BLOG · 2019/07/16
Discussion goes on BAG making Design Craftmen Faruk, Shinnosuke, Nakai.

BLOG · 2019/07/02
Jillanie story and about Founders , craft-men.

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